From farm tours to unique dining experiences, wine tasting to arts and culture, the Surface Creek Valley has got a little of everything to keep you entertained!

The first fruit trees in the Surface Creek Valley were planted in 1882 in Cory. Over the next decade more settlers moved into the area, and as they began harvesting they discovered that the fruit had better flavors than they had ever known. Most folks believed it was the climate that produced the mouth-watering taste, but others thought it might be something in the soil. Either way, it was not long before the first commercial apple orchards were planted north of Cedaredge in 1895.

Surface Creek Valley orchardists have won many awards over the years for our mouth-watering, delectable fruit, starting with the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. By the 1920's, Delta County was considered the Apple Capital of the world. The local fruit industry has suffered over the last century, but current orchard owners have worked hard to preserve the quality and taste of the past. Swing into one of the fruit stands and sink your teeth into the delicious apples, cherries, peaches and other seasonal fruits. Many farms offer U-pick and agritourism activities. We recommend visiting the following Chamber member fruit producers!

The Apple Shed

Conner Orchards

Fritchman Orchards

Red Mountain Ranches

Sweet to the Core Orchards

Wag’s World Orchards

More than apples

The newest kid on the block, or shall we say "fruit of the vine," is the grape! Not to say that grapevines haven't been growing in the valley over the years, but just as of recent, more vineyards are popping up in the area for growing wine grapes. Again, like in the late 1800s, vintners have found that our climate is ideal for top-quality grapes. The challenge, of course, is the harsh weather along with freezing temperatures that can damage vines overnight. Choosing the location along with having wind machines and building fires around the vineyard are all ways to aid in keeping the vines from freezing during growing season. With this said, we have some wonderful wineries in the area that use locally-grown grapes & have award-winning wines! We also boast amazing hard ciders and beers! We recommend taking a sip - or two - from these producers:


Chill Switch Wines

Stoney Mesa Winery

Williams Cellars

The Winery at Cedar Farm