You may ask, "Why do they call it the CEDAREDGE AREA?"

Well, the answer is simple, but a little complicated.  Our chamber represents the entire Surface Creek Valley, but you probably wouldn't find that on a map.  So, to help folks find our beautiful mountain towns, we have named the chamber after the main town on Scenic Byway 65.

The Surface Creek Valley encompasses the incorporated towns of Cedaredge and Orchard City, but to complicate that a little, Orchard City represents the three unincorporated towns of Austin, Eckert and Cory.  All of which are located on or close to Hwy 65.

This community is a unique combination of many families whose past generations were some of the first settlers of the valley, along with vacationers over the years that have decided to make this their home, raise thier children, settle in and retire.

We love this mountain valley, and as a chamber, do our best to represent the area proudly.